Movie Posters For Sale

The Poster Doctor has a large collection of movie posters for sale. All of these posters are in excellent condition and have been stabilized with acid-neutral paper and an acid-free linen backing. Missing or damaged media has been meticulously repaired to exactly match the original. We only use the highest museum-quality standards to restore our posters.

Move Poster Sizes

Up until the 1980s movie posters and other advertising materials were printed in very limited quantities. Different sizes were offered depending on the needs of the studio or theatres.

The following are the different sizes and styles of American movie posters offered for sale by the Poster Doctor.


The idea of a one-sheet is to present a burst of information about the subject being advertised. Eye-catching graphics are designed to peek the interest of the observer. Historically, one-sheets were sent to theatres folded in an envelope. The term is used synonymously with poster.

A one sheet measures 27" x 41" before 1985; 27" x 40" after 1985.


A horizontal format American movie poster, measuring 22" x 28", generally on thicker stock paper. Newer ones were issued rolled, older ones were issued rolled and folded. Half-sheets are considered rare compared to a one sheet or insert. Studios stopped issuing these in the early 1980s.


Their smaller size makes them popular with collectors. Inserts from the 60s and before were often issued folded. Inserts are rarer than a one-sheet. Studios stopped issuing these in the early 1980s. Inserts are portrait size posters. Inserts measure 14" x 36".

Lobby Cards

Typically issued in sets of eight, each featuring a different scene from the film. Lobby cards measure 11" x 14",

International Movie Poster Sizes

The British Quad measures 30" x 40". It is the most common and most collectible of British movie posters. Another popular size includes the French Grande Affiche which measures approx 47" x 63". This is a very popular size for poster aficionados because it makes such a statement and dominates a room.

The Australian Daybill measures approximately 13" x 30". Although they are rare and difficult to find, Daybills are a popular size and make great posters to decorate homes. Other common sizes of collectible posters include Lobby Cards, Window Cards, Inserts, Half-sheets.